Zinsser’s ON WRITING WELL: Simplicity, Clutter

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11 responses to “Zinsser’s ON WRITING WELL: Simplicity, Clutter

  1. I thought William Zinsser chapter on Simplicity and Clutter was true. A lot of writers including myself tries to go for this image as if I write using big words I would be look at as an intellectual. Or if I write complex words I will feel intelligent but what Zinsser is trying to address is that the more simple and less clutter the better and I do agree. I like how he paraphrase the President speeches into simple terms. I do believe that’s probably one of the main reasons many people dont like reading today because there are authors and writers who dont write with simplicity and their writing are clutter.

  2. I thought simplicity was interesting. I agree with what Zinsser’s says because I believe writers should be a bit more simpler. For example writers if they are trying to convey a message to someone then they should make it known instead of hiding it between the lines. This I believe makes readers create a new message steering away from the authors intended message. Though complex words do make people sound more intellectual doesn’t mean they are because anyone can use complex words and sound smart.

  3. I feel that Zinsser was kinda of true about what he said, that its better when you use simple words instead of hards words or ideas but then i think its based on the audience you are writing for. Not all words that are complex are hard to understand the meaning because sometimes they fit in with what your writing , so the sentence that you wrote explains what it mean. Sometimes when you use simple words you make it seem as if your vocabulary is very low. For instance, you would use happy when writing an essay for elementary kids but when writing for college students you could use ecstatic or blissful instead of saying happy .

  4. I do agree with Zinsser in that, why can’t we just make our statements just plain and simple. We are only making it harder for ourselves, but yet we always tend to this. Why not just get straight to the point, by trying to make our statements more complicated we can always get mislead and not make our point rather confuse our readers. It do it so often that it just seems correct and i no longer notice how often i do it. The tittle “simplicity” says it all and we should all consider this.

  5. I agree with Zinsser when he talks about simplicity and clutter. People think that if they use more complex words they will sound intelligent, but thats not the case. Sometimes i try to write like this but I end up confusing myself.When you do this you mite confuse your reader and they may want to stop. Why can’t we just use simplier words and/or do not try to try to add extra words that are not needed. Instead of saying I am currently trying to drift away to sleep you can say something like I am trying to go to sleep.

  6. I don’t think this is true for all writers. I like to stick to the point. I actually love to write but I try to cut down on things that don’t make any sense or things that I don’t want in my essays or works of writing. When having other people read my writing in the oast it helped me to self edit my own work as I go along. I used to write extremely long sentences. Now, I try to make sure they aren’t so long and that my work is comprehensible for others. I also like to use words I’m comfortable with using. If you don’t like that “Oh Well”.

  7. I agree with Zinnsser when he talks about simplicity and clutter. I know many times i try to use really big words to make my paper or essay sounds more better and interesting, but i know sometime susing these big words you may lose the focus of the reader, because you might be writing these big words for a different crowd of people who dont really read and write using these words, so now i know i should start writer simply because it will sound more interesting and more like it was me who write it, and also it would sound more from my thoughts instead from adictionary or something….

  8. To write simple is not easy, even writers who wrote books can put it in difficult way. It is necessary to catch reader’s attention, otherwise writer can loose the reader. Books that are bestsellers are easy to read. Revision several times always helps to simplify the written work.

  9. I usually try to use big words to improve my essay, which sometimes take me out of the direction I’m trying to go. On the other hand, writing simple can sometimes make it difficult to create your ideas.

  10. wootygirl4life

    I think that Zinsser was right the way he spoke about simplicity and clutter. I personally try to sometimes use bigger words so that my writing may be better. But overall when I use simple words and explain myself, the writings that I do seem to be very good!!!
    Cluttering just makes the reader confused most of the time.

  11. It was very interesting because we sometimes don’t realize that we make our work more comlicated than it has to be. Keeping it simple can be hard at times but then we find ourselves being redundant .And thats when we begin to bore our readers.

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