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15 responses to “Post on Zinsser’s WORDS here

  1. I found it interesting to read “words”, it basically tells us about the varity of english words that can be used to express different things.Sometimes it is hard for us to understand what is actually the main point the writers are trying to tell us, but according to the author we can improve our reading by reading books and i think it is true reading really helps us to understand new words and different types of ways to express the main idea. Also keeping a dictionary will really help us to get the meaning of new words. Reading “words” and expressing my feeling about this topic in our blog was a nice experience.

  2. Reading “Words” was interesting.Since the english language is rich in strong and supple words, the author wants us to these words in our sentences.Using dictionaries can also help us learn new words and develop our writing.

  3. I wasn’t grabbed as fast for “Words” as I was for “Simplicity” and “Clutter” but I found interesting the part where he said as writers we must all be poets and even more interesting than that was how supported his words with an example of Thomas Paine’s work. I just think its a shame it took him till the last page to get me as interested in this chapter as I was into the previous two.

  4. i find ” Words” very interesting because if you come to think of it, the words we choose can make big difference to our papers. It can either make it look interesting, catchy or boring. Like it says “words are the only tools you’ve got”, and that’s why we should choose the right words. Just one short sentence ” can carry a tremendous punch”, and that’s only if of course with the correct words. If we don’t seem to find the correct word, why not get a dictionary or thesaurus. In addition, to remember not to always give it all away to our readers in the beginning of our papers, because then why keep reading?.

  5. Words have a huge role in writing. They are the building blocks that make up all that is writing. The handout words shows us exactly how important our choices of words is. We can choose to say something in a boring way or we can inject our statements with intricate WORDS. The handout also emphasizes that Dictionaries and the thesaurus are friendly devices instead of enemies. They give us an array of tools that can be used to fortify our writing. The most important thing i got out of the handout “words” was to remember the reader, and remember that “there is always someone listening”.

  6. “Words” was less interesting than Simplicity and Cluster but the main idea was clear. He was saying that we need to think out of the box when writing and not to use overused phrases or words; we should try to come up with original stuff. We need to think about our readers when we are writing and instead of writing certain words we should find their synonyms so that our work can sound more original.

  7. I think “words” was interesting, showing us that we don’t have to use the same words repeatedly but if we increase our vocabulary by reading the dictionary etc we can discover a mass variety of words, that we can implement into our writing.

  8. i agree with what astat1 and stephanie has said. words are the phondemantal building blocks of every paragraphs and essays, words are used to describe and help ones to detailed its current events.

  9. I found “Words” to be very boring because it is something already to my knowledge. As a writer I am aware that using over used words makes a piece less entertaining. I always make sure that my reader is enjoying themselves so I make my writing interesting. “words wasn’t as informative as I would have hoped

  10. I found “Words” to be very interesting and enjoying to read. I find it true if the reader comes in broing you do want to put the paper or book down and go to sleep. i understand now that i should start to use my dictionary for help and for a better choice of words.

  11. To write simple is not easy, even writers who wrote books can put it in difficult way. It is necessary to catch reader’s attention, otherwise writer can loose the reader. Books that are bestsellers are easy to read. Revision several times always helps to simplify the written work.

  12. I benefited from paragraph about sound and rhythm. Reading aloud the writing can help to improve its sound. Words can be synonyms but not sound good. Using the Webster’s dictionary is good advise for me.

  13. “Words” was very appealing to me because as a writer I don’t want bored my reader or myself. After reading “words” it made realize how significant words really are. Choosing your words wisely does make a huge difference in your school work as well in your vocabulary. Even though we could use the same word we could mean two completely different things by it. “Words” was interesting and I enjoy reading it.

  14. wootygirl4life

    “Words” seemed very interesting!!! It helped me learn alot. Als0 it made me think about when writing an essay and how i should approach it especially when using certain words.

  15. It made alot of sense because sometimes we use words that might be correct but not flow with our sentences. We just have to look for words that flow and really belong in the sentence. Rather than use words just because they look like big words.

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