Continuing the Conversation

Post here to continue conversations from class about Wolfe and Jacobs.

Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs

Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe


11 responses to “Continuing the Conversation

  1. personally,i like this essay much more than Jane Jacobs. it’s interesting how Tom Wolfe compared us to animals, i think it was only right because I believe that’s the only way that we would actually notice the level of our behavior. He points out how our adrenaline can affect us in so many ways, most of us think it is normal, and actually forget what normal should be like. It’s just one of the many things we should take in consideration in our daily lives.

  2. I have no questions on these essays, i fully understand them. I liked both of these essays they made me take another look on how cetain things are done with humans. Both of them gave different examples of how humans function in different situations but they got their point across. i think that both of the essays could have been shorter than what they were but i guess they thought they needed it to be that long to get their information across clearly. If i had to compare these essays it would be easy for me.

  3. hispoeticwords

    I currently see no way to compare Wolfe’s and Jacob’s essay. Although, both mention the manner in which people interact with one another, it is different in each essay.

  4. i think Tom Wolf essay is a little more interesting to me because it really shows what we as a society is going thought at the present moment and the reason why its happening.

  5. oh my goodness they look totally different than what i had in mind, but nevertheless they possess great mind and wonderful observation skills. they see what the normal everyday people don’t and can come to conculsion far better than the average person

  6. I like both essays but prefere ” O Rotten Gotham” by Tom Wolfe. I like the humorous tone and entertaining language. I found out it revealing. It explained to me why i feel so exsausted in the big store, in the crowd

  7. I like both of the esseys, but prefere” O Rotten Gotham” by Tom Wolfe. I found out it very humorous and entertaining. I start thinking about my life and revealed that to be at home in my room alone is more comfortable and relaxing than to be in the crowd in the big store, that make me exausted, sick and tired in a short period of time.Jane Jacobs has many good ideas, but the essey is difficult because of complicated language. I like most the idea of sidewalk characters. As for me I like to be a sidewalk character. It is very beneficial for me to talk to people, I get to know many important information from them. For example, recently I found out that in Macy’s there are good sales on coats in the basement, from one sidewalk character, as the result, I bought an excelent present for my father on Christmas

  8. At first Tom Wolfe’s essay did not interest me much. As i read it over and over, i have to admit the essay is a great piece. It delves into the most primitive of social behaviors. It is amazing how human beings and animals react much the same to overcrowding. I enjoyed reading Jane Jacob’s piece as well. It was a great example of city sections and the behavior of its inhabitants. Both essays were a pleasurable read.

  9. I think Tom Wolfe looks like a James Bond villain… just had to add that…

  10. wootygirl4life

    I like the Tom Wolfe’s essay “O Rotten Gotham more than “The Uses of Sidewalks:Contact” by Jane Jacobs. This is because the Tom Wolfe essay is more about fact. On the other hand the Jane Jacobs essay is based mainly on her opinion and maybe experiences.

  11. I would have to say that I like Tom Wolfes essays . He was more realistic and had scientific experiments to back up his logic. Jane Jacobs essay felt like it was more on a good experience she might have had. And she was very redunant and needed to get to the point.

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